Arkive – Bringing Nature into Focus

An ambitious new project from Wildscreen

In the UK over 30% of priority species and 40% of priority habitats are declining.

To halt this trend we need to change the way that people value nature - and the UK Government estimates that we have just 7 years to make a difference.

Although 45% of the UK population express some interest in nature, only 1% actively volunteers to help it.

The need to build public understanding and opinion of nature cannot be underestimated.

To deliver significant change we need to collaborate with other conservation organisations and dramatically increase public engagement.

About the project

Building on our digital experience and working in collaboration with the UK's leading conservation organisations, Arkive – Bringing Nature into Focus will:

  • Increase the number of people engaged in UK nature, targeting millions of people
  • Be a community hub, reconnecting people to the UK’s wildlife and the work of the country’s leading conservation organisations
  • Make UK species, habitats and places recognisable and accessible
  • Enable people to learn, encourage them to explore and empower them to teach others to value nature

Arkive – Bringing Nature into Focus will digitally record the British species that the public are most likely to see or read about, representing them in stunning audio-visual form.

Species, habitats and key conservation issues will be set within the context of living landscapes that people can go out and discover.

Digital content will be tailored to each person’s location and interests, while social media will help us build an active community of people who can interpret nature and inspire each other with their stories and experiences of the UK's wildlife.

Learning resources will help people develop skills and enhance their understanding and enjoyment of nature through film, photography, storytelling and conservation activities.

The project will directly influence the conservation of UK species, habitats and landscapes by encouraging individuals to take action, bringing informal groups and communities together, facilitating volunteering and connecting people with partner conservation organisations.

We hope to draw on the expertise of some of the UK’s leading conservation organisations, including the Wildlife Trusts, the Woodland Trust, RSPB, the Association of National Parks Authorities, and the Natural History Museum.


Arkive – Bringing Nature into Focus will be developed and delivered over three years, with a perpetual legacy for wildlife conservation in the UK.

Impressed with our project, The Heritage Lottery Fund generously funded its development phase in 2013.

To gain further investment from the Heritage Lottery Fund and deliver the project we need to secure pledges of matched funding from other sources.

Can you join the UK’s companies, foundations and conservation organisations in bringing this project to life?

Can you pledge to support the project?

Please contact Lucie Muir to discuss how you could help:

Lucie Muir,
Chief Executive Officer, Wildscreen
T: +44 (0)117 929 1222